HA 09
The Game Currency is a term for playing Happy Aquarium.

About itEdit

  • Gold Coins - This is the primary currency in the game. The player starts out with 50 Gold coins.
  • Pearls - This is the virtual currency that will buy you special items in the game. The player will earn 1 Pearl for each level the player advances and they can purchase additional pearls with Facebook Credits.
  • XP - (Experience Points) These are the points they earn as they play the game and determine the level of the game the players are currently on.

Purchasing Additional Game CurrencyEdit

  • To purchase additional game currency, the player should click on the button at the top left of the screen that says, "Get More".
  • A screen will appear allowing the player to use their credit card, Paypal account or Mobile phone to purchase coins or Pearls.
  • The player can also use Facebook credits to purchase coins and Pearls.