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The Loch Ness Monster is a predator of Lake Nessie. This is the different monster in real life, with no horns. It's the first known creature that you can unlcok by completing expeditions. In order to unlock it, publish on your friends' walls or on the group page. After you unlock it, you'll unlock the 2 Sea Dragons, but after the Sea Dragons, is the Hydras.

Quick InfoEdit


Female Loch Ness Monster

he Loch Ness Monster takes two-hundred and ten hours to completely mature, making it the longest maturity length by far, and this breaks down to about nine days. The only way to ever get a monster is to go to the "Expeditions" Icon at the bottom of the screen, and click on "Add Crew" or "Buy Crew" (Buying a crew takes about thirty pearls for one spot, so it takes three-hundred pearls to completely fill the expeditions spots if you were to buy, save your pearls and go with "Add Crew"). To add a crew, you have to publish this to your friends Facebook so that they can help. There is a way to publish the link to the Happy Aquarium Group (To get there, go to the application, and scroll down to the bottom, you will see a link titled "Built by Happy Aquarium) and this is a better way to join in. When you finally achieve ten people, you can now click on the button labeled "Launch" and a screen will pop up that says "You found it!" and a picture of a mature Loch Ness Monster appears with it. Within seconds your monster will drop into your first tank.Male Loch Ness monsters usually take about 212 hours and 22 mins.Females however take two hours longer.

Physical AppearenceEdit

This monster looks like a dinosaur, but is not actually a monster, it's a dinosaur, it lives in Scotland.

In the game,they have two horns.The females are orange and the males are green.There is also the Rainbow Loch Ness Monster.