The store is where the player can buy items.

About the storeEdit

  • Click on the "Store" icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  • This will open the store menu with tabs along the top left showing the different categories.
    HA 23
  • A. Fish Food - Here you can purchase fish food in various amounts as well as feeders to keep the fish fed for several days.
  • B. Animals - Here you can purchase up to 43 or more species of fish once they are unlocked based on your level. There are also critters in this category and also, frogs and crawlers here.
  • D. Props - These are cute decorative items for your tank including several animated props.
  • E. Coral - Here you can purchase varying species of coral and plants such as seaweed in many colors.
  • F. Gravel - Here you can change the gravel in your tank free of charge but you must wait until certain color become unlocked as you advance in level.
  • G. Wallpapers - You can purchase wallpapers for the back of your tank here using Pearls and Facebook Credits.
  • H. Special Items - Here you can purchase creatures that can be mated with adopted animals from the Live feeds such as walruses, sea otters, swordfishes and turtles.
  • I. Tank Mates - Tank Mates is a new category and they can't be fed or trained and treasure hunt.
  • Click on the item you wish to purchase and then when the prompt screen appears click on "Buy"
  • The item you have purchased will immediately drop into the center of the tank you have open if you have more than one.

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