Treasure Hunt

Coins and treasure are hidden throughout the reef in the Tanks. You can click on any Fish in order to do a Treasure Hunt.

Treasure Hunt Mini GameEdit

  • The Treasure Hunt Mini game is a great way to earn a few extra coins each day.
  • You can play twice every 24 hours.
  • Click on the Red chest at the bottom middle of your screen. You will see a small 1 or 2 above the chest to show how many turns you have left.
  • Once you click on the chest you will be asked to choose one of the fish in your tank.
  • Then you will be moved to the game screen where you have 45 seconds to collect as many coins as you can.
  • There are also hidden chests with prizes such as shells and items to decorate your tank with. If you find one of these the game will pause for a moment to tell you the item will move into your tank after the game is over.

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